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Paddle is more than the platform. With our focus on SaaS, we’ve eight years of experience helping over 2000 software businesses to launch, run & grow.

We partner closely with teams to shape their strategy, adopt best practices in SaaS, and avoid the most common pitfalls that drag growth down.

Here’s what that process looks like in four simple steps.

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First, we understand your customer base 🤓

Every customer base is different, and that affects how you should implement Paddle:

Our Go-To-Market Strategy Audit helps us outline your needs during migration, but also your opportunities for revenue growth.

Our Risk team will also review & approve your business to be supported by Paddle.

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💡 Next, we draft your Paddle integration plan

To migrate your live subscriptions to Paddle , you need to map to our subscription billing concepts and transfer your customer payment details.

For larger sellers with established revenue and more complex business logic, migrations can involve more moving parts. That’s why we create implementation guides to walk your team through exactly how to implement your specific business logic with Paddle.

Launching new software products? We can help you too.

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🏗️ We’ll migrate your live subscriptions together 🤝

With your implementation plan in place, we’ll walk you through the migration process including mapping subscriptions and migrating your customer payment data.

Our team works with you to make sure this is seamless and your customers experience no disruption or accidentally cancel. That’s why brands like Iconosquare, Matomo, and can confidently migrate 10,000+ live subscriptions at once to Paddle .

…and then we continue to find new growth opportunities together 📈

Now you’re live on Paddle, the true partnership can really begin.

Pulling from the lessons & insights from 2000+ SaaS businesses, our team can advise you on how best to grow + how you can action that advice right away with Paddle .

From localized pricing, to new ‘upmarket’ team & enterprise packages, to how to launch (and cross-sell) your next product, our expert team will shape your business growth strategy with our data, insights, and SaaS expertise.

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