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Revenue delivery:
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What is revenue delivery?

Revenue delivery is a strategy for accelerating growth across customer acquisition, renewals, and expansion by optimizing the journey your earned revenue takes โ€“ from a customerโ€™s willingness to buy, through to money in the bank โ€“ and by enabling you to respond quickly to new growth opportunities.

You have a product strategy. You have a go-to-market strategy. Your third lever of growth is a revenue delivery strategy.

How strong revenue delivery powers sustainable growth

If your revenue delivery is built on a fragmented and leaky infrastructure, the growth you achieve via your product offering and go-to-market strategy will be constantly eroding. A mature revenue delivery infrastructure lets you:

6 common frictions in SaaS revenue delivery

Payment constraints

Different people trust and prefer different payment methods and currencies, but many SaaS checkouts are restricted to a few options at most.

Global tax compliance

SaaS sellers with customers in different countries have to stay on top of the different tax rules and file as required. Mistakes or delays result in fines, or worse.

Poor payment conversion

Online payment attempts fail for a variety of reasons, preventing customers from making a purchase or blocking the renewal of their subscription.

Resource drains

Switching on new business models, price plans, or currencies can require costly engineering resources and take weeks โ€“ if not months โ€“ to integrate with existing systems.

Complex recurring billing

Subscriptions come in all shapes and can include various upgrade paths and add-ons. This often results in a clunky and manual billing process โ€“ painful for you and your customers.

Fragmented data

Inconsistent or incomplete revenue data is a common challenge when different tools are cobbled together ad hoc. Inaccurate data and metrics negatively impacts decision-making, responsiveness, and growth.

Why so much friction?

Fragmented revenue tooling

As SaaS companies grow organically, so does their revenue delivery infrastructure: online payment processors, subscription billing software, tax software. These tools are often difficult to integrate properly, resource-heavy to maintain, slow down your responsiveness, and result in inaccurate reporting.

SaaS is global by default

SaaS companies sell across borders without even trying to, and so typically lack localised checkouts and payment support. As software is taxable where the customer is โ€“ not the seller โ€“ Finance need to stay on top of the different sales tax rates, thresholds, and filing requirements across the globe.

How can Paddle help?

Paddle is the only Revenue Delivery Platform for SaaS businesses designed to power sustainable growth across acquisition, renewals, and expansion. Our all-in-one platform covers your checkout, payment, and subscription management infrastructure, with all global sales tax compliance handled by our in-house team.

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