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All-Inclusive Pricing

Every seller has full access to the whole Paddle platform - after passing our risk review.

You only pay a % transaction fee. Thereโ€™s no monthly subscription to test or signup to Paddle.

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All-in-one revenue delivery

A single, integrated platform that enables continuous NRR optimization across acquisition, renewals, and expansion.

Your single source of truth

Make business decisions quickly and confidently, based on accurate and timely data from the Paddle Data Core.

Subscription billing

Create a seamless subscription experience and grow your Net Revenue Retention with one integration.

Managed payments

A single integration for SaaS to instantly access and optimize payments across multiple countries & currencies.

Billing and subscription support

Everything around your subscription support is managed for you (typically, 25-40% of support tickets).

Financial compliance

Operate with full integrity and compliance internationally, from your very first sale with Paddle Comply.