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5 reasons why SaaS businesses choose Paddle over 2Checkout

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Paddle is the modern 2Checkout alternative for software businesses. It gives you the flexible SaaS billing and higher conversions you’re after, without the high fees. 

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2Checkout is a legacy merchant of record and payment processor

2Checkout is an online payment service designed to make global and international sales easier for certain types of businesses.

Paddle is the modern merchant of record for SaaS

Paddle brings top-converting checkouts, subscription management for SaaS use cases, modern APIs, and clean dashboards to the MOR model. All with lower standard fees than legacy providers.

#1: Flexible subscription models made for SaaS

One thing about 2Checkout’s subscriptions is that they are not flexible in terms of creating and managing plans - something which SaaS businesses need.

With Paddle, you can build your subscription logic alongside all your payment methods, invoices, taxes, trials, dunning, and more. That’s right, all of that flexibility in one, easy-to-use platform.

#2: Get higher payment acceptance with Paddle Pilot

Our payments team manages and maintains relationships with global banks and payment processors, meaning we can guarantee a more streamlined payment process for our sellers. 

Through Paddle Pilot, we test and fine-tune where each dollar, peso, and rupee of revenue is routed, so you can operate with confidence and maximize every single revenue opportunity.

#3: Active international support from day one 🤝

As a revenue delivery platform, our best interest is your best interest. We take as much care of your customers as we do of you.

Paddle’s 24/7 international buyer support team keeps 99.5% SLAs met, has 96% customer satisfaction, as well as  a 5-star rating on TrustPilot.

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#4: Modern solution dedicated to software and digital products 🦾

Paddle goes far beyond the tools and services we provide. With our focus on SaaS, we’ve got eight years experience of helping 2000+ software businesses to launch, run, and grow.

We partner closely with teams to shape their strategy, to make sure they are adopting best practices in SaaS, and avoiding the most common pitfalls that drag growth rates down.

#5: Simple pricing with no hidden costs

With an array of different products from 2Checkout, you’ll find an array of pricing too. That’s where the costs can quickly add up without you realising.

Paddle offers all of the below (and more) within one, simple tool - and one tool means one set of costs to manage and reconcile. Simple.