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The only revenue delivery platform built specifically for SaaS 🚀

Benefit from globally optimized checkouts, built-in revenue recovery, flexible billing models, and a single source of truth for your revenue metrics. 

Plus, offload all of your global sales tax liability and payment-related customer support, so you can focus on your product and go-to-market strategy.

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With Paddle, software companies are finally able to transform their revenue delivery infrastructure into a strategic growth lever that sees them respond faster and more precisely to every growth opportunity.

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Included in the Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform

Optimized Self-Serve

Paddle Checkout

Maximize conversions, delight customers, and eliminate engineering dependencies.

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Single Integration

Paddle Managed Payments

Instant access to established international banking infrastructure for optimized payments in every country & currency.

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Offload liability

Paddle Comply

The only way for software businesses to sell globally with all your sales tax, payments, and data compliance guaranteed.

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Recurring Billing

Paddle Subscribe

The complete package to shape every customer’s subscription experience & optimize your NRR.

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Revenue Delivery Advisory

We partner closely with teams to shape their strategy, adopt best practices in SaaS, and avoid the most common pitfalls that drag growth down.

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Reconciled & Unified Data

Paddle Data Core

We reconcile & unify all your revenue data out-of-the-box, ready to stream to all your systems.

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Troubleshoot Customer Subscriptions

Paddle Managed Support

Our 5-star rated subscription support team can help your customers change their subscription, saving your support team tickets & headcount.

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Sales Assisted


Invoicing that's integrated with all of your payments, subscriptions & taxes out-of-the-box, and ready reconciled for you.

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Migration & Integration

Revenue Delivery Architects

Our Revenue Delivery Architects working with you to map your subscriptions, migrate your card data, and move your revenue streams to run through Paddle

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