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5 reasons why SaaS businesses choose Paddle over FastSpring

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Paddle is the modern FastSpring alternative for software businesses. Flexible SaaS billing and higher conversions 📈 without the high fees.

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Fast Growing SaaS choose Paddle over FastSpring

FastSpring is a legacy merchant of record

FastSpring acts as a reseller, selling goods and services on behalf of its business customers. FastSpring handles online payments for sellers of both physical and digital goods.

Paddle is a Revenue Delivery Platform

Paddle manages all payment methods, subscription billing, sales tax compliance, fraud protection, revenue recovery, currencies, metrics (and more), giving SaaS businesses all they need to sell software online - all from one, singular platform. 

#1: Higher converting checkout experience 💅

FastSpring’s checkout solution only offers basic branding and customization, which can lead to friction in your purchase flow. 

Paddle delivers much more in a much less restrictive way. With our simple APIs, you can build and create everything you’d expect from the best online checkouts – from brandable design to localized payment experiences, and one-click upsells.

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#2: Flexible subscription models made for SaaS 💪

FastSpring’s split focus between ecommerce and SaaS sellers means that its subscription management solution doesn’t offer a great level of flexibility.

With Paddle, you can build your subscription logic alongside all your payment methods, invoices, taxes, trials, dunning, and more. That’s right, all of that flexibility in one, easy-to-use platform.  

#3: Active support from day one 💁

Unlike traditional payment processors, Paddle sellers get all the help and support they need throughout the processes of implementation, going live, and expanding into new markets. 

Together with solution architects, we work with each seller to get them ‘growth ready’ and set up for optimum success. 💪

#4: Go-to-market faster with Paddle 🏃

FastSpring lacks the capability to support you with implementing the important growth strategies: expanding internationally, moving upmarket or down-market, and launching new products.  

As a revenue delivery platform, Paddle provides you with the resources, support, and technology to boost your revenue across the entire payment process and each customer lifecycle. An easy way to optimize your business growth across your go-to-market strategy, whatever that strategy may be.

#5: Lower cost with all-in-one pricing 🤩

FastSpring typically charges 5.9% + $0.95 per transaction. But this isn’t the full story. You’ll see extra charges being added along the way, including $$$ for varied currency and transaction types.

Paddle offers everything you need to sell software, within one, simple tool - all under one, simple cost.