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5 reasons why SaaS businesses choose Paddle over Stripe 🚀

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If you’re looking to get the most revenue out of your payment and billing infrastructure, it’s important to remember that Stripe only caters for one part of that: payments. Paddle provides an all-in-one revenue solution for software businesses, catering for both payments and billing, making it a popular alternative to Stripe.

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#1: Scale quickly without overworking your developers 😌

With Stripe, you’ll need to integrate and maintain all the necessary tools to support your subscriptions, taxes, invoicing and SaaS metrics - or build your own all-inclusive tool. Either way, that’s a lot of your developers’ precious time to make the most of the full “Stripe stack”.

Paddle’s all in one solution, enables you to free up your developers so they can get back to working on what matters most - your product.

#2: Paddle is an all-in-one platform, beyond just payments

By only providing for taking and managing payments, Stripe doesn’t offer a complete solution for your business’ revenue delivery. 

Paddle, on the other hand, is much more than a payment gateway. All aspects of your revenue delivery strategy and structure - from checkout to subscription renewals, pricing, localization, tax compliance (and more) - are handled by us, meaning you don’t have to worry about painful integrations.

#3: Go-to-market faster with Paddle 🌎

Stripe solves only one piece of the payment problem for SaaS, but your go-to-market strategy goes beyond just payments.

Your go-to-market strategy needs to consider far more than what Stripe covers too.

With a revenue delivery platform like Paddle, you get all the resources, support, and technology you need to boost your revenue across the entire payment process and each customer lifecycle. An easy way to optimize your business growth, whatever that strategy may be. 🌳

#4: Global tax and compliance taken care of

Stripe Tax only caters for one aspect of tax compliance. It calculates sales tax rates on your transactions automatically, but businesses are still liable, and will still need to file and remit their own taxes.

Paddle handles tax and remittance globally, taking full liability for tax, fraud, and compliance along the way.

As a reseller, our compliance becomes your compliance. We fight fraud, chase chargebacks and failed payments, and manage reconciliation for you.

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#5: Simplified pricing from the start

If you’re after the fully-loaded revenue stack with Stripe, you’ll have to pay much more than the headline 2.9% that’s originally stated.

Paddle offers all of the below (and more) within one, simple tool - and one tool means just one set of costs to manage and reconcile. 

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Your revenue delivery infrastructure needs to sell software globally, on subscription, in a compliant, reportable way that "speaks" to your product and all back-office tools. This infrastructure needs to be easily implemented and maintained.

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A single, unified integration

We help you migrate from your existing set-up to our unified platform.

A single integration for all your revenue delivery needs: built-in payments, subscriptions, invoicing, and tax.

A single source of truth for all your revenue data.


Dependent on multiple integrations

You will need Stripe's paid add-ons (like Stripe Billing) and/or 3rd party integrations for subscriptions, sales tax, SaaS metrics, and more. Not possible to integrate PayPal (as they compete).

Most software businesses aren't big enough to qualify for premium support during implementation.


Payments infrastructure needs careful implementation and continuous optimization to minimize lost revenue collection.

Ideally, the infrastructure you build with should be focused on other SaaS sellers, and exclude high-risk products that drag overall performance down.

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Relentless optimization

Revenue performance refined for over 2,000 software sellers globally across acquisition, renewals, and expansion.

Our Advisory prescribe growth experiments tailored to your product, industry, and customer profile - from our insights across five million software buyers.


Manual ad-hoc optimization

Stripe enables you to get going quickly, but optimization (and revenue uplift) is limited without integrating multiple Stripe accounts. Payment failures are typically higher in international markets.


Software businesses need to be able to execute growth strategies without being constrained by their revenue delivery infrastructure. Launch new products, move upmarket, and sell across geographies with ease.

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Instantly ready for every strategy

Execute every SaaS growth strategy within Paddle:

  • Localize to all your top markets worldwide in a few clicks 

  • Easily cross-sell products to drive expansion revenue 

  • Discover teams amongst individual users, upsell their card subscriptions

  • Sell enterprise invoices in one unified platform


Endless engineering projects

Stripe is one layer of your revenue delivery infrastructure and doesn't easily adapt to new growth strategies without significant engineering work, manual overhead or lost revenue potential.


Software is now a regulated market - your revenue delivery infrastructure should keep you out of jail! You need to protect your business from today and tomorrow's compliance risks like tax, payments, and data.

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Operate with full integrity

Future-proof and protect your business by offloading your global liability (and the operational complexity that goes with it) onto Paddle.

Our expert team handles all your tax and payments compliance – no additional consultants, accountants, or advisors needed.


Full liability & responsibility

It’s your responsibility to register, file, and remit the correct sales taxes and comply with local payment regulations globally.

You need in-house expertise, processes, and tooling around Stripe to keep your business protected and compliant globally.