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Paddle’s unified Revenue Delivery Platform is your complete toolkit to operate and grow a modern SaaS business.

Empower your revenue teams to respond faster to growth opportunities, operate from a single source of revenue data, and free up resources from building and maintaining your own internal billing product.

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Respond faster to growth opportunities

Paddle integrates subscriptions, payments, tax, invoicing, and more natively within one platform. Activate new revenue strategies like localized pricing, 1-click upsells & issuing compliant invoices in minutes, not months.

Paddle empowers your supporting cast across finance, customer support, tax, revenue growth, and business intelligence with a single solution.

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Unified revenue data out-of-the-box

With all your revenue delivery native to the platform, Paddle ensures every transaction – including checkout, subscription renewals, and manually invoiced wire transfers – are reconciled and unified by default in the Paddle Data Core .

Paddle makes it easy to push updates, cross-enriched with all your customer metadata, to all your systems via webhooks & API.

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Free up headcount from your billing stack

Paddle is a single integration for all your revenue delivery. It supports needs across your revenue, finance, and support team as you scale up and through IPO.

Our Revenue Delivery Advisors & Architects are here to help you through your implementation and migration following a four-step process that makes your move to Paddle seamless.

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Stories from technical teams who migrated to Paddle

“I don’t have to spend time fixing issues in Paddle, It just works. This gives me back at least 3-4 hours a week which I can then spend on developing our product.” - Thomas Steur, CTO, Matomo

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