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💸 Radically simplify your SaaS financial operations

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Paddle makes it easy to scale revenue globally without finance being a roadblock.

Our Revenue Delivery Platform brings payments, subscriptions, invoices natively together - with every transaction reconciled by default. Offload responsibility & liability for your sales tax & payments compliance. Unblock your revenue & product teams with out-of-the-box currencies, payment methods & manual invoicing.

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🧠 The only single source of truth for SaaS revenue. No, really.

With native payments, subscriptions, and invoicing, Paddle Managed Payments captures and reconciles every payment perfectly for you. No manual reconciliation or engineering favors needed. 

Explore Paddle Data Core →

Explore Paddle Data Core →

🕊️ Offload your tax compliance risk

With Paddle, you don’t need to stay on top of the ever-changing sales tax regulations on software. No more tax accountants, calculators, and ongoing filing & remittance.

Paddle Comply is the only way for SaaS businesses to sell globally without any sales tax liability. We handle the tax agony - the liability is on our global tax team to show & charge the correct rates of sales tax, file & remit sales tax across every jurisdiction, and issue you with audit-proof records to indemnify you globally.

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Capture Every Revenue Opportunity Without Overwhelming Overhead

Our Global Finance team handles the hard parts of your revenue delivery strategy.

With Paddle Managed Payments , we integrate & test payment methods & local currencies for you to turn on in 1-click. We maintain relationships with multiple banks & payment gateways through our global business entities to intelligently route payments to optimize payment acceptance. Our finance team reconciles every invoiced wire transfer payment on your behalf.

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Stories how SaaS teams unblocked growth with Paddle

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How Framer moved from $15/month licenses to $100,000+ enterprise deals

With Paddle, Framer could move seamlessly into enterprise without the traditional headaches around billing, payments, taxation, support, and compliance.

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How Kaleido used Paddle to launch and scale their business globally

Kaleido launched its family of visual AI products with Paddle – selling across hundreds of countries to thousands of customers on flexible subscriptions.

Logo Card (Case Study) - Matomo

How Matomo saved 2 days of dev time a month

After reviewing several billing and payment providers, Matomo moved to Paddle – away from multiple tools and plug-ins, to one unified platform.

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