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Paddle unblocks revenue growth across acquisition, renewals, and expansion.

Eliminate roadblocks with our unified Revenue Delivery Platform, and level up your growth strategies with support from our Revenue Delivery Advisory.

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Streamline your self-serve customer acquisition

With Paddle Checkout , you can maximize conversions with a world-class customer experience and the ability to test ideas without support from engineering. Itโ€™s the complete toolkit for implementing, branding, pricing, and more.

All this sits on top of Paddle Managed Payments which integrates Checkout with subscriptions, currencies, and Paddle Data Core .

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Flexible subscriptions to retain & expand customer accounts

With Paddle, itโ€™s easy to set up subscriptions and support modern SaaS business models through acquisition, renewals, and expansion.

Paddle Subscribe is the complete toolkit to shape every customerโ€™s subscription experience, optimize your Net Dollar Retention, and guarantee perfect subscription data to run your business. No additional billing tools to integrate.

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Deliver experiments with full flexibility, visibility, and insight

With Paddle, itโ€™s easy to implement, track, and test the impact of your experiments. All transactions are unified and reconciled with subscriptions and customer data by default in the Paddle Data Core.

Paddle is more than the platform - our Revenue Delivery Advisory pull insights from over 2000 software sellers to recommend specific growth experiments for your team.

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Stories of step-change revenue growth with Paddle ๐Ÿš€

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How Framer moved from $15/month licenses to $100,000+ enterprise deals

With Paddle, Framer could move seamlessly into enterprise without the traditional headaches around billing, payments, taxation, support, and compliance.

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200% in 12 months: How MacPaw switched to SaaS and tripled its revenue

In its first year as a primarily SaaS provider, MacPaw saw 200% revenue growth. After the first year, the subscription renewal rate was 75%.

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How Kaleido used Paddle to launch and scale their business globally

Kaleido launched its family of visual AI products with Paddle โ€“ selling across hundreds of countries to thousands of customers on flexible subscriptions.

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How Renderforest Unlocked 3x ARR Growth

Want to know how Renderforest Unlocked 3x ARR Growth? By implementing Paddle to achieve a bottom-up growth strategy...

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$500,000 launch campaigns: How Convertri built their "hybrid funnel"

Find out how Convertri implemented it's "hybrid funnel" to lead customers from 1-time purchases through to upsells and subscription offers.

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2x revenue & +35% conversions: How iMyMac monetized 10,000 daily users

With Paddle, iMyMac saw an immediate increase in conversions from initial implementation and a subsequent increase following a site review and design changes.