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Can I issue refunds/are they free of charge?

You’re able to issue a full or partial refund on any order, and refunds are always free of charge.

In order to issue a refund, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Transactions page in your Paddle dashboard.
  • Lookup or select the order you wish to refund, and reach the order details page.
  • In the top-right hand corner of the page select the “refund” button.
  • A small lightbox will appear over the screen requesting whether you’d like to offer a full refund, partial refund, and a reason for refunding. This reason will be include in financial reports.

PayPal refunds typically re-appear in a customer’s account within 48 hours of requesting the refund.

Refunds via credit card typically take 3-5 working days to credit back into a customer’s account.


Some payment methods impose limits on what transactions you’re able to refund, for example PayPal whom will only allow you to offer a refund on transactions less than 60 days old.

If you’re unable to refund a particular order, or have questions about the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Paddle team here.

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