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Paddle’s growth-ready Revenue Delivery Platform + Revenue Delivery Advisory arms you with both the infrastructure & strategies to scale.

Optimize revenue delivery across customer acquisition, renewals & expansion, compete in every market segment, and operate globally with IPO-ready integrity across local laws & regulations.

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World-class infrastructure to compete in every market segment

Take full advantage of your total addressable market with a growth-ready revenue delivery strategy

Paddle brings out-of-the-box revenue delivery infrastructure to optimize each market segment across acquisition, renewals, and expansion. B2B SaaS companies can now activate new business models, enter new markets, turn on new offerings, and renew subscriptions without delay.

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💬 Our Revenue Delivery Advisory shapes your quarterly growth

We operate with a shared interest model: we grow when you grow. Our Revenue Delivery Advisory distills insights from over 2000 software sellers and five-million buyers into specific strategies for your scale-up growth.

With our single unified platform, it's easy to action Paddle-recommended strategies and realize the full revenue impact so we grow faster together.

“Paddle is more than a provider, it’s a real partnership.” - Romain Ouzeau, CEO, Iconosquare. (Read the full case study)

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✅ Scale with confidence & compliance

Paddle’s unified platform scales to support millions of global customers with flexible subscriptions, localized currencies, and subscription support. You won't need extra headcount or overhead.

Be ready for when authorities, auditors & investors come knocking. Paddle offloads your compliance roadblocks. Get audit-proof sales tax records, future-proof revenue infrastructure, and see all your revenue data reconciled and unified out-of-the-box to quickly and confidently report on your business.

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Stories of SaaS who Scale-Up with Paddle 🚀

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How Framer moved from $15/month licenses to $100,000+ enterprise deals

With Paddle, Framer could move seamlessly into enterprise without the traditional headaches around billing, payments, taxation, support, and compliance.

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200% in 12 months: How MacPaw switched to SaaS and tripled its revenue

In its first year as a primarily SaaS provider, MacPaw saw 200% revenue growth. After the first year, the subscription renewal rate was 75%.

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How and why Iconosquare migrated 13,000+ subscriptions to Paddle

How Iconosquare integrated with Paddle and migrated 13,000+ live subscriptions, without disturbing the customer experience.