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Why has my customer’s transaction been declined?

Occasionally a customer’s purchase will be declined during the checkout process. After entering in their details and choosing to pay they will be notified of the decline.

Typically this decline will have been issued by the bank, for a number of reasons, eg. insufficient funds, they deem the transaction to be fraudulent, an invalid CVV input during the purchase process, etc. A notification outlining why the purchase has been declined will appear on the user’s checkout, allowing them to reattempt the purchase, and prompting them to contact customer support if they require assistance.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the bank in question provides us with a generic decline, giving us little information on the reason behind their decision.

If the customer’s card information appears to be accurate, we suggest the customer contacts his/her bank for additional information, and for future payments to be accepted.

NB: Do not confuse declined transactions with those that have been flagged. Additional information on these can be found here.

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