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Paddle has the turnkey infrastructure and the expertise of our extended team to fast-track the maturity of your revenue delivery strategy.

Iterate from one platform with native payments, subscriptions, currencies, invoicing, tax, data, and more. Optimize your revenue delivery across acquisition, renewals, and expansion, grow internationally, and move up-market both quickly and effortlessly.

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Iterate faster to uncover your growth-ready pricing ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Paddle makes it easy to adapt and optimize your pricing and subscriptions without limitations.

Activate new business models with our turnkey infrastructure. Issue invoices for your first large contracts, sell with multi-currencies, and change subscription plans in a few clicks.

Simplify & future-proof your revenue delivery infrastructure ๐Ÿ”ง

Paddle is an All-in-One Revenue Delivery Platform built on eight years of optimization. Payments, subscriptions, and invoices come natively, ready for any modern SaaS business model. No big stacks or moonlight hacks to maintain.

Already setup on another tool a homebrew system? Our team are here to help you move to Paddle too.

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Scale your team without any extra overhead

Every seller leverages our internal teams and expertise from the moment they move to Paddle with no additional cost.

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Startups use Paddle to find & active their revenue delivery strategy - the systems, processes & teams to unblock growth across acquisition, retention & expansion.