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Can I invite members of my team?

You can invite additional members of your team to your Paddle dashboard via the Team page.

When inviting new members of your team youโ€™ll be asked what function they serve within your organisation. This is because we limit dashboard functionality based on a userโ€™s role. In the future, any userโ€™s role can be changed by an admin in your team, at any time.

The roles and the dashboard areas they each have access to are as follows:

Dashboard Area Admin Finance Technical Support
Overview Metrics โœ“ โœ“ ย  ย 
Transactions/Orders โœ“ โœ“ ย  โœ“
View Invoices โœ“ โœ“ ย  โœ“
Refunds โœ“ ย  ย  โœ“
Manage Customers โœ“ ย  ย  โœ“
Resend Customer Emails โœ“ ย  ย  โœ“
Subscribers โœ“ ย  ย  โœ“
Audience โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Team Discovery โœ“ โœ“ ย  โœ“
Products โœ“ ย  โœ“ โœ“
Manage Products โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Subscription Plans โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“
Manage Subscription Plans โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Bundles โœ“ ย  โœ“ โœ“
Manage Bundles โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Coupons โœ“ ย  โœ“ โœ“
Manage Coupons โœ“ ย  โœ“ โœ“
Pay Link Builder โœ“ ย  ย  โœ“
Invoicing โœ“ ย  ย  ย 
Data Insights โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ ย 
Affiliates โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Reports โœ“ โœ“ ย  ย 
Payouts โœ“ โœ“ ย  ย 
Dashboard Settings Admin Finance Technical Support
Subscription Settings โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Checkout Settings โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Approved Domains โœ“ ย  ย  ย 
Sales Tax Settings โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Recover Settings โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Balance Currency โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Account Settings โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Team Members โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Alerts / Webhooks โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Authentication โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Public Key โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
SDK API โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
Data Import โœ“ ย  โœ“ ย 
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