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CEOs unblock growth with revenue delivery

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Leading SaaS CEOs are breaking free from the constraints and complexity that holds back growth.

With Paddle, companies are finally able to transform their revenue delivery infrastructure into a strategic growth lever to respond faster and more precisely to every growth opportunity.

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What is revenue delivery?

Scaling up is about more than building the right product and the right go-to-market strategies. Revenue delivery is the third growth lever for SaaS, responsible for optimizing acquisition, retention, and expansion to exceed growth objectives.

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⛸️ Frictionless execution with a single modern platform.

Paddle is a single unified platform that integrates checkout, payment, subscription management, and financial compliance. Our modern approach to SaaS revenue delivery execution empowers executives to make business decisions quickly and confidently, grounded in data and without lag time.

Respond quickly to new opportunities with Paddle. Activate new business models instantly. Enter new 
with ease. Turn on new offerings with 
one-click. Renewals become 

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Continuous optimization with insights from over 5M software buyers

Growth-ready SaaS requires an industrialized

 Revenue Delivery 
Platform. With Paddle, it's easy to activate your growth strategies across acquisition, renewals, and expansion to optimize NRR.

Instantly tap into our platform-wide optimization. Our expert teams fine-tune platform performance across 2000+ software sellers and over 5 million software buyers - from global banking networks and routing for Paddle Managed Payments to A/B testing Paddle Checkout to our Revenue Delivery Advisory .

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Compete without boundaries

SaaS is borderless - your Revenue Delivery Infrastructure should be too. We make it easy for you to sell in 245+ countries and territories from day one. Translate Revenue Delivery into local languages and currencies, and route payments through local banks so you never leave money on the table.

Activate new business models in hours – not months or quarters. Native invoicing, subscriptions, currencies, and more make it easy to move upmarket, downmarket, and across geographies.

Operate with Integrity 😇

SaaS is now a regulated industry. In 2020, you need to remain compliant with ever-changing regulations on sales tax, payments & data all over the world. Failing to do so can result in tax audits, retrospective fines, refusal of investment, or imprisonment.

Paddle Comply is the only way for software businesses to sell globally with all your sales tax, payments, and data compliance guaranteed. No extra headcount, tooling, accountants, tax experts, or legal counsel needed. We’ve got you covered.

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